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Music Monday: Joseph Sant ‘Sea White Salt’

Courtesy of IMP
Courtesy of IMP


Brooklyn dream-pop artist, Joseph Sant, is set to release his Debut EP, Sea White Salt, next year January 14th, and has cultivated a delicate sound that is aching to be heard. Originally hailing from Seattle, and now based in Brooklyn, Sant’s slower tempo and dreamlike melodies are individually graceful, while capturing the coldness associated from both ends of the country. Produced by friend, Gabriel Galvin in Four Foot Studios, the 4 track EP is a compilation of absorbing life whilst in a deep slumber, and a good sign for music expectations in 2016.

The single available, “Nor’easter,” provides indie-pop lovers a peak of Sant; with melodies that embodies the surreal faints of audible streaks of dreams, left for the listener to absorb. The track is based around a mild uptempo melody, while sticking to the dreaminess that Sant naturally exudes within his music. Guitar chords and depth slowly build within 2 minutes of the track for a heavier punch, wonderfully showcased by the persistent drumming.

An overall sense of completion and wanting more is to be expected upon the release of Sea White Salt.  With catchy tracks, such as “Horse at the Beach,” and “Only The Shock,” there are vulnerabilities that follows and mimics the themes of “forces of nature, impassable social barriers, and the gravity of all-consuming love and persistent dreams.”  While the self-titled track, “Sea White Salt,” is a slower tempo track, vastly emotional, and delicate in its slower approach- one of the EP’s greater standout sentiment track. Soundtrack of a different type of security, loneliness, and questioning within the cold waves, Sea White Salt are remnants which every human has tasted at one point in their life, and future releases are anticipated from Sant for 2016.


Sea White Salt performers:

Joseph Sant (songwriter) (vocals, guitars, bass, percussion)
Stirling Krusing (lap steel, guitars, harmonica)
Gabriel Galvin (guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion)
Tyler Graham (drums)

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