Discover: Ruckus Roboticus- Enlightenment, Childhood, and Funk


Courtesy of Ruckus Roboticus via Facebook

This month was overflowing with amazing new music. For me, one of the highlights of December was Ruckus Roboticus’ new single. If you haven’t heard of him yet, Ruckus Roboticus is an Ohio-native who uses his love of funk and records to create some of the best electro-funk out there. In his first album, Playing with Scratches, which debuted back in 2008, he used his extensive library of records to mix tracks narrating the life and times of a fictional prodigy named Ruckus. Hands down, this is one of the most creative albums produced over the last decade. Ruckus Roboticus proved with tracks like “The Birth of Ruckus” that he has mastered tone and mood with a funky celestial melody. Then, with “Taking Turns” he shows off a honed talent for selecting the perfect samples. The music perfectly encapsulates what childhood sounds and feels like: mix-paced, at times disjointed, warm, and heartfelt. In that first album, you are experiencing every small and character defining moment in the life of Ruckus with him. You can almost see him playing with scratches in the living room floor like other kids play with Legos.


Now, years later, Ruckus Roboticus has come back with an equally thought out single titled “Anybody? Everybody!” It’s as if his entire career has been an exploration through age. He proves with “Anybody? Everybody!” that his music needs not be tied down by his Mother Goose-esque origins or the hyper-energetic sounds of either of his two albums. If Playing With Scratches is about the creation, birth, and younger years of a mixer, than “Anybody? Everybody!” would be the mixer’s enlightenment. Ever find yourself yearning for the relaxed and exciting feeling of classic funk? This is the perfect set for electro-funk enthusiasts or newbies. If this music has never been something you’ve ever thought about exploring before, this may still be the perfect single you never knew you wanted. The electro-funk master has created something so enjoyable and flexible it’s easy to get pumped at the gym, study through the night, or chill while eating pizza with a couple friends to this single.


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