Young Wonder ‘Birth’ Music Video

Courtesy of Young Wonder Via Facebook
Courtesy of Young Wonder Via Facebook

Elegant. This is the best way to describe Young Wonder’s latest music video “Birth,” the titular track of the band’s latest album. Using only light to bring life to their music, “Birth,” directed by Brendan Canty, is a hypnotic video. Canty explains in the YouTube description how the video came together, “One night a repair van was parked across the road from my house. It’s amber lights were so strong that they lit up my room, dancing across my walls. I noticed a glass of water on my windowsill and how the water warped the lights into weird and beautiful shapes. So I decided to film this straight for 6 minutes, challenging myself to find as many interesting angles as I could. I loved how the footage turned out and wanted to create a video made entirely from that one shot. ”

The colorful lights matching the melody with every flicker are reminiscent of a media player visualizer. These simple visuals easily absorb you into the music. Not only do the lights have a rhythm that matches the music, the colors are very telling of the tone every second. Subtle visuals in “Birth” complement the story humming between the song’s lyrics.

These delicate visuals even parallel the singer’s soft cadence. Rachel’s, Young Wonder’s lead singer, serene vocals are like a kind hand guiding you through the woods on a starry night. The entirety of the song and video are like a peaceful journey with a friend. By the end of the video and the song you feel as though you ran from a mystic reality all the way home—exhausted, energized, joyful, sad, conflicted.  Without spoiling the end of the video, by that last visual image, it doesn’t feel like you just watched several minutes of flickering lights, it feels like you experienced a story you don’t quite remember all the chapters to. Check it out below.


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