Foxtails Brigade ‘I’m Not Really in the Christmas Mood’

Front-woman of indie band Foxtails Brigade, Laura Weinbach, recently released an intimate video of their track “I’m Not Really in the Christmas Mood,” to appeal to those who seek comfort for the Holidays. The San Francisco based band- Weinbach (lead vocals, nylon guitar), Anton Patzner (violin, electric guitar, percussion), Joe Lewis (bass), Dominic Mercurio (drums, percussion) and Joshua Pollock (electric guitar, vibraphone) – have been capturing new listeners’ for their unique, orchestra ensemble, and have been signed to OIM Records this year, with their first full length due out March 2016.

Similar to “La Vie en Rose,” the solo performance of “I’m Not Really in the Christmas Mood” is a sincere emotional downpour, rather than an assumption of a Grinch during the holidays. Weinbach’s bittersweet vocals played alongside plucks of the classical guitar, have created a mythical reinvention of Classic Holiday songs. Weinbach also disclosed a note about the track: “In the several years since I originally wrote this song, I’ve genuinely tried to stay light and see the bright side of things. But sadly the holidays remain a painful reminder of unreconciled differences and distant separation. For anyone whose holiday spirit has been shadowed by loss or division, I once again offer to you this song.”

So for those who are not in the mood to celebrate any Holiday, it’s ok, you’re not alone.

6 comments on “Foxtails Brigade ‘I’m Not Really in the Christmas Mood’

  1. I’m not really in the Christmas mood either. I am into more blogs from you… 😉 like little gifts on WordPress. Love it


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