Synth-Pop: P’ARIS ‘Focus’

Courtesy of P'ARIS
Courtesy of P’ARIS

The ever elusive P’ARIS, finally release their new track, “FOCUS,” following their last hit, “Confidence.” The synth-duo reach into a fragile part of nature that occurs within couples, and centralizes around the feelings of a miscarriage. Despite the upbeat, and synth flare, the lyrics tell bits and pieces of the thoughts swirling through the relationship; almost masking the true feelings, as humans do. The persistent beat is an intentional motivational push as the lyrics justify the plea to just “focus” and keep moving forward:  “Focus / on what we both need / I’m thinking about the right way to tell you / slowly / with everything, I’m thinking about the start of something / can you love me now? (4x) / Focus / on what we both need .”

“‘Focus‘ is a song about two people experiencing the loss of a pregnancy. There’s a very particular type of gentle empathy that both partners must offer each other when going through a miscarriage. It’s a strange type of loss, especially from a pragmatic standpoint – you haven’t so much lost something as you have lost the idea of something. So in a way you’re mourning the loss of control over your own future, control over your body, your biology. And you’re also faced with the fact that you have failed at the one thing humans exist on earth to do. ‘Focus’ is about making sure the relationship doesn’t suffer while you’re each processing things in your own way.”-P’ARIS



1 comment on “Synth-Pop: P’ARIS ‘Focus’

  1. Pare aqui na frente.
    Muitos Abraços!
    Amor. Saudades. Sempre.


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