Bitter’s Kiss ‘Love Won’t Make You Cry’ Music Video Review

Chloe Baker- Courtesy of EPIC Productions Ireland, 2015
Chloe Baker/ Courtesy of YouTube, EPIC Productions Ireland, 2015

New Jersey Indie Act, Bitter’s Kiss, return with a new single and music video to obsessively watch. Chloe Baker pulls at our heart strings yet again, with her personal track, “Love Won’t Make You Cry.” So much admiration for the young songwriter’s stance and gift with words, as the poetic stanzas swoop romantics at heart in her lyrics.  The single is simple, in forms of music, where the focus lies on the sentiments Baker radiates through her voice; although the tempo is sweeter than the lyrics and the video itself, the bittersweet arrangement is enough to feel the message Baker intends to get across. Yet, the video is truly the stab to one’s heart, and visually showcase Baker’s vision.


Produced by EPIC Productions Ireland, the video is shot on location in the lovely heart of Paris, France, and occasional scenes of the Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, Ireland, where we are introduced to a couple in love. Shot in black and white, innocence of young love is unraveled by a strong young woman, and a timid young gentleman to balance the initial allure. The two actors truly captivate the natural flow of love, seen through the innocence of meeting someone, the genuine smiles, and the heart-racing moment when you hold someone’s hand for the first time. As the video progresses,  the two eventually  display the other side of love, in par with Baker crooning what love isn’t “supposed to do.”

Courtesy of EPIC Productions Ireland, YouTube
Courtesy of YouTube, EPIC Productions Ireland 2015

However, Baker isn’t one for flat storytelling-  proven on the track and video for “The Rope,” as it sums up a family member’s suicide from a religious background- hinting that there is so much more to this track and video. What can be depicted as two lovers’ going through the motions of love, can be dissected further into the very symbolism that mirrors the abstract notion of “love.” Since the meeting of these two, it was the young silver-tongued woman who caught the eye of the man, and left to make him follow. Displaying how we “chase love,” and from here we realize that the young woman is in fact a representation of love, and the boy is the fragile part of a human, called “fear.”

Not given a backstory, we can see a scar on his face that he carries, and can assume his hesitation around water is the very cause of this scar- seen as “love” begins to lead him into the water. As the video ends, a familiar scene reoccurs where the young man makes an attempt to chase love yet again, and is stopped by his very fear, staring back at his reflection of the past through the water; proving how fear gets the best of a human, and you lose what you love.

Courtesy of YouTube, EPIC Productions Ireland 2015
Courtesy of YouTube, EPIC Productions Ireland 2015

Visually beautiful, the video properly displays the irony of the “Love Won’t Make You Cry,” and the genius within the track. While Baker recites, “Love sees no rage / In the passionate words it writes down on the pages/ Of stories it tells so well,” one knows the very balance of both worlds is the true experience of love, and without any passion, there wouldn’t be anything written on the pages.




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