Music Monday: Billie Eilish ‘Ocean Eyes’ (Astronomyy Edit)

Courtesy of Astronomyy Via Facebook
Courtesy of Astronomyy Via Facebook


Los Angeles local Billie Eilish, blew everyone away with her incredible, and beautifully haunting song, “Ocean Eyes,” that made it impossible to conceive that Eilish is only 13 years of age. If even imaginable, and to further make you fall in love with Eilish, UK singer/songwriter Astronomyy remixed the indie-pop track, and highlighted the vast emotional spark that Elish executed as she proved she is well beyond her years. The remix stays true to the lover’s echo that Eilish embodies effortlessly, and sincerely repaints the track into a speechless audible experience, hailing Eilish’s delicate voice: “No fair / you really know how to make me cry when you give me those ocean eyes / I’m scared.”  Both pieces can stand alone and only praise the talent from each artist, and inspiration that led to the Astronomyy’s remix.


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Courtesy of Billie Eilish via Facebook
Courtesy of Billie Eilish via Facebook

Listen to the original below:

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