Track of the Day: Louver ‘Somebody Else’

Courtesy of Louver via Facebook
Courtesy of Louver via Facebook
Browsing through Tradiio is always a lovely experience for us because you never know what kind of artist you’re going to stumble upon, but when you do, its instant love; The same can be said for Louver and his track, “Somebody Else.” The Las Vegas native comes into the music scene with a simple centralized beat, smooth vocals, and lyrics that punch you in the chest- “take me off your shelf / set me free, from some kind of hell.” Labeling himself as “adult alternative,” Louver and his music definitely falls into the bittersweet musical territory, with a darker atmosphere,with one of the smoothest productions we’ve heard in a while.

Check out “Somebody Else” below and make sure to support this Artist on Tradiio.


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