First Look: Taylor & The Wild Now ‘Gold Dust’

Courtesy of Taylor and the Wild Now via Facebook
Courtesy of Taylor and the Wild Now via Facebook

Austin-based quartet, Taylor & the Wild Now – Taylor Baker (vocals, guitar), Drew Walker (guitar, trumpet),  Michael Gonzalez (drums), and Alex Browne (bass) – return to follow-up their latest successful single “Salt,” with a indie-soul track that does not stray too far away from their Texas roots. “Gold Dust,” set to be released December 4th, on iTunes, Spotify, and other musical outlets, begins as a soulful ballad played against a warm guitar, which eventually builds into a musical emotional stance in growth. The band’s rise from folk and soul, slowly blends with a modern alternative base which allows the track from becoming more than another lost folk ballad.

Baker’s soft voice mimics the remains of ‘dust’ she expresses through tone as the song progresses to the chorus, “There used to be gold dust coming out of your mouth.” Complementing Baker’s vocals, guitar riffs peak, and weave in and out the drumming, which ultimately sets the color Baker is reminiscing upon. Musically constructed with more than technique, “Gold Dust” emotes precise chemistry between members which anticipates future releases by the indie-soul outfit.

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