Discover: HONNE ‘Gone Are The Days’

Courtesy of Honne Via Facebook
Courtesy of Honne Via Facebook

Three days ago London-based duo, HONNE announced the release of their Gone Are The Days Shimokita Import, originally to be released in Japan only, which would now be available worldwide January 22nd. The electro UK duo also released their self-titled track, “Gone Are The Days,” which crosses a magical line of music bliss that Calvin Harris wishes he produced. Vocals are sexual alluring, as much as words could be when crept in the mind, followed by equally satisfying bass riffs, and a catchy foundation. What makes the track so addicting, is the overall message of getting someone to know they can do better. The sheer thought sends tingles down your spine, and the construction of what the music embodies is perfection crafted by band.

Listen to Gone Are The Days below and look out for their anticipated album January 22nd.



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