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KEEZ ‘Water Creatures’ Album Review

Courtesy of Keez Via Facebook
Courtesy of Keez Via Facebook

If you were to combine 311 with Empire of the Sun, you would somehow be bestowed upon a creation named KEEZ, his diverse mind, and of course, his latest album Water Creatures. Musician, and producer, Brad Jones, or as he is more commonly known as KEEZ, creates a unique r&b, dance, and reggae fused album, with quality producing that allows the sounds to mesh so well. Not a stranger of a bigger audience in mind, Jones has contributed to Hollywood films such as, Ant-Man, and The Neighbors. From this, Jones decided to work on his own personal band, The Keez Band, with a variety of talented musicians, who will be performing by the end of the year.


The 17 track album is a great mix of relaxation and starts off with smooth reggae, heard on the track “Wake up Calm,” and once again on a personal favorite, “Paradise.” The scope broadens with a political stance  on the track, “Killed4Profit,” that contains a huge amount of electro funk. KEEZ then switches the tempo throughout the mix with songs such as “Give N Take,” and “Hearsay,” that range from the dancey momentum of the once again enjoyable, funky-electro grooves, while a softer side of KEEZ is also on display with the track “Off the Grid.” A notable trait that will be admired on Water Creatures is it’s natural flow despite going from genre to genre, and the film production influence that is audible. While there are tracks that don’t compliment the album, such as “YesMaybe,” the structure can be easily praised. The collection is a unique splash of sounds to properly put in the spotlight that ability of KEEZ.


Stream the full album here


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