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New Music: Keep ‘Psychorama’ EP


The Virginia duo Keep, Wes Smithers and Nick Yetka, return with their 3 track EP, Psychorama, as a follow-up to Hypnosis for Sleep, and as a welcoming place to their new home, Ohio label, Mayfly Records. In comparison to the previous EP, there aren’t that many surprising changes between the two, besides softer melodies and a somber shoegaze dreamesque feel, heard on Psychorama, whereas Hypnosis for Sleep possessed angst, with harder musical builds, heard on tracks such as “Old Man.”


It was an excellent EP to fall in love with to define the sound of the duo, and still of my favorites, yet as time progressed, the duo’s sound didn’t evolve, but just became more refined. Psychorama is a clear audible justification to see how Keep stayed true to their sound, yet cleaned up the rough edges. Smither and Yetka hold on to the emotional depth of the lyrics and vocals, and turn towards a darker ambient sound on the new EP. “Latch” is the standout track of the three, with its alternative stance, and reminiscent qualities of that from the “Golden Era of Emo Music” heard vastly in the 2000s, and continue the wave of ambience with “Zone Out,” and “Psychorama.”


As newer music is to come I expect the duo to hold on to their dreamy sound, and create surreal illusions. As they grow, their sound will grow, and it’s a beautiful treat to hear that with music and artists you love.

Hear Psychorama in its entirety on BandCamp

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