Discover: New From Tradiio Recordings-Phoebe Katis (Prod. Sam Posener) ‘Held Underwater’

Artwork: Ben at the Rabbit Whole / Courtesy of Tradiio

Artwork: Ben at the Rabbit Whole / Courtesy of Tradiio

Tradiio is becoming more than a platform where artists can upload their music, it’s becoming a music discovery community, possessing all genres, and countries, uniting on the common goal of sharing great music. For Tradiio artist, Phoebe Katis, instead of stumbling across a new listener, Katis came across fellow Tradiio artist Sam Posener, and his rendition of Vance Joy’s, “Riptide.” From there the two London locals clicked musically and worked on a track Katis recently wrote, while Posener lent his production skills. The two perfected the single “Held Under Water,” now out on Tradiio Recordings, and combined soul, emotion, and electronic for a simple track that is worth checking out.

The track is a 3 minute stream of simplicity, focused on a centralized beat and Katis’ smooth vocals that make you fall in love instantly. The electronic based production approach, revives the track into the modern age, and balances Katis’ vocals from being too overpowering. Yet, not to say that the vocals didn’t steal the main focus on the track, but just clearly noting the chemistry between Katis and Posener, which balances out the emotional fluidity heard on “Held Under Water.”  The two have also agreed to release more recordings in the future, which is needed after the world knows what their musical sparks are capable of producing.



Support Phoebe and Sam’s track, “Held Under Water,” on Tradiio.

Phoebe Katis / Sam Posener


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