Sisters of The Moon Launch Party Review: Fashion, Tarot, and Music


This past Wednesday, November 11th, the New Moon was in Scorpio and the universe aligned on 11 11, which exemplified the mark for new beginnings numerically, and was also the theme of the night at the launch party of Sisters of The Moon, a new line from The Pretty Cult, hosted at The Lost Room, in Echo Park. What a better way to bring the fashion line to the world through the universe, by the creators’ persona and love for new thought, with music and an atmosphere the engulfed positivity. Arielle Salsa and Helen Schmidt, the women behind the line, collaborated by wanting to bring education into the occult through their fashion. The first 22 flannel pieces of their collection feature a card from the Rider-Waite Major Arcana Tarot deck as a back piece that consumes the majority of the flannel. Each piece of article is hand crafted, and thought out, that adds to Salsa’s and Schmidt’s eye for detail, which was also showcased through the atmosphere’s set-up.

Upon entering the room, barrels greeted you from each side, and held roses, petals, and goodie bags, for those early enough to receive one. Dim lights, incense, and excitement seemed to swarm, as Maral DJ-ed in between performances, and while Schmidt performed Tarot readings that were included with the purchase of an article of clothing. The room was filled with images of nipples strewn across the walls, and leather jackets as far as the eye can see. Being sick, I huddled in my own leather jacket, tissue in hand, admiring the scenery, and soaking up the atmosphere. A feature that was hidden, that seemed to be as creative as the whole night, was to the left of the room, on a barrel, and invited people to write their wishes, and wants, on a piece of paper to submit into an enclosed box that held the wants of others.


Kicking off the night musically, was Los Angeles artist MOJO, whose vocals can range from the delicate to the rusty, seductive realms that will pull in any listener. An artist that I immediately enjoyed upon stumbling across her Alicia Keys cover of “Fallin.” Between more electronic dance music, Dancing Tongues were up next. The new Los Angeles band made a mention during their set that this was their second performance, and played fresh songs for the night. While the trio started off all over the place, they knew how to grab the audience, and local Angelenos danced to the catchy guitar riffs. The great thing about Dancing Tongues was the ability to still see their rawness in them, and an angst that made them fit in perfectly. They did surprise me with their last two songs of their set that truly defined their sound, and appreciation for the vocalist’s Faris Badwan’s (The Horrors) pipes that made the band.


VUM continued the flow, and brought their experimental psych vibes to the night, or better heard as mystical western music, that thrived heavily on vocals, and a mad scientist tinkering on analog pads, synths, and drum machines. Each member had their own sense of individuality on stage and belted out track after track. For the theme of the night, VUM’s music was a perfect addition to the launch party’s “magic.” A newest addition to the line-up of the night was Cillie Barnes, whom did an acoustic set to close the night up, and stripped down her “gyp-pop.” I first stumbled across Cillie Barnes during Jenny Lewis’s set months ago and could never forget her voice, and was lucky enough to stumble across her unique way of singing yet again.

While the artists each carried something unique, the real eyes were on the overall theme of celebrating new beginnings, and fashion seen through Sisters of The Moon. Although I didn’t stay for the whole night due to a blasted cold that consumed my being, and missed Zosia at the after party, I did leave with a sense of understanding and unity that Salsa and Schmidt both executed brilliantly.

Courtesy of The Pretty Cult Via Facebook
Courtesy of The Pretty Cult Via Facebook

Look out for future releases from The Pretty Cult and Sisters of the Moon.

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  1. I LOVE the gyp-pop style


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