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Amy Blaschke ‘OPALINE’ Album Review

Courtesy of Amy Blaschke via Facebook
Courtesy of Amy Blaschke via Facebook

Love was first found within Amy Blaschke, and her honest twang on the single, “Come See About Loving Me,” which was quickly overridden the deeper I delved into her recent, and fifth studio album, OPALINE. Staying true to her craft, that has been refined since 1999, Blaschke’s  Opaline represents more than another album on the shelf, but as an autobiography that is dying to be lived through the listener’s ears. The Seattle born, Los Angeles based soulful musician, recreated honest pieces of time frozen, focusing on emotion, thoughts, and personal journey throughout the album. While “Come See About Loving Me,” sets the tone with rustic appeal, and upbeat, sweet thoughts, Blaschke’s diversity, heard on the next single, “Walking With the Rise,” showcases a softer, and wiser Blaschke heard against the plucks of an acoustic. Similar artists that express their stories through the soulful folk, and soft doo-wop country sound, may sound repetitive and unnatural, which is why OPALINE is refreshing- each track can stand out individually, as well as collectively on the record.

Besides the tracks that could appeal to commercial radio, there are those hidden gems that make the discovery just as exciting, such as “My Only One.” Slower-tempo, honest lyrics, and sensual softness, instantly touch the heart, delivered by Blaschke’s weary, and soulful light voice. Another standout track would be “All Of One Love,” which resonates from the 60s pop core, with a surprising twist in tempo halfway. The careful time, and perfection of construction is an overall theme that is heard on OPALINE. Not one track disappoints, and Blaschke revived her unique sound through whimsical melodies, precise placement, and wisdom within her voice.





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