Discover: The Strands ‘Love is on the Line’

Formed in 2011 by Amanda Campbell (vocals), Susan Ferrari (keyboard/backing vocals), Richard Green (guitar), Lance Tamanaha (drums), and Paul (bass), collectively unite their years of musical experience into a artisanship group, known as The Strands. With jazz influences, and smokey coffee shop vibes, The Strands display a natural  conjurment of Artisanal Music that is making a welcoming return for the end of 2015.  The Santa Monica quintet recently released their debut EP, Entanglement, and as well as the music video for single, “Love is on the Line.” The video depicts a relaxed state of mind of The Strands, as Campbell’s vocals lead you to a simpler time of love lost and values. Keys, bass, and guitar couldn’t be more refined, and the balance of experience from all musicians creates a lovely chemistry heard within the track.


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