Discover: The Master ‘New Years’


Founded by Sepand Khalili (guitar), San Jose natives grew into the collective known as The Master, with Ren Geisick (Vocals), Kevin McAndrews (Piano), Kevin Avanes (Drums), and Will Bohrer (Bass), and bring a different sound that anticipates future releases with their debut single, “New Years.” The 3 and half-minute track, recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco, is a perfect way to end the year and get a head start on 2016 with a farewell ode.

Geisick’s restorative, and nostalgic fused power vocals bring the track to life, which leads the listener down to the right side of the fork in the road to the new year of “change.” Emotion and intensity is a natural gift that Geisick transcends through her sound waves, and sits perfectly on the bass lines, which add small punches to your heart throughout the listen. Despite the subtle heaviness, and raw emotion exuded, lightness is balanced with a twinkle of keys that blend with a modern, pop feel. The Master’s arrangement of the track is another feature that makes “New Years” incredibly irresistible, and for a debut single, The Master is on the right track.

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