Halloween Weekend: KXLU’s Radio Host, Mystic Pete ‘Bass Pop’

Courtesy of SoundCloud via Mystic Pete

If you’re not hungover, and still celebrating the festivities, or really into Halloween music, here is the latest from KXLU’s Radio Host, Mystic Pete.  The LA native, and jack of many trades- author, radio host, vocalist, music and video producer, humorist, and teacher of mysticism- creates BassPop, that contains tracks specifically for the Halloween Night. Yet, the In A Dream host not only produced spooky tracks, but also mystically-filled pop tracks with a heavy bass (hence BassPop) that have no time expiration.

Halloween Night” and “Bad Kill” have possibly refreshed what it is to be classified as Halloween Music, but also could be enjoyed after the day, with sexual mystery, and crude laughs as a result from the otherworldly musical production, catchy beats, and lines such as, “your dad was all class / when he’s not grabbing my ass,” that you can’t help but listen to again. Also, if the guests are still in your house from the night before, simply play “Goodbye,” and hopefully they’ll get the hint. The track mimics the same momentum as “Halloween Night,” only at a slower tempo, and showcases Mystic Pete’s production abilities.


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