New Single From Kali Uchis: ‘Ridin Round’ (Prod. Dj Dahi)

Colombian’s sexy embodiment of strength with pink hair and long nails, better known as Kali Uchis, sets the tone with her latest single “Ridin Round,” reworked and produced by Dj Dahi. Originally from Por Vida, the Dj Dahi version of “Ridin Round,” centralizes strongly on R&B, and reggae, that seems to emphasize the attitude exuded by Kali Uchis’ natural tone. This natural ability Kali posses in relation of expressing herself within her music, is something to be on the look for; an effortless act of staying true to herself without giving any “fucks.”
This will be the 22 year old’s first single off of Rinse, with more to come during this month.




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