SynthPop: Maybe The Moon ‘Washout’

What started off as a casual encounter on December 21st, 2012, the date the Mayan calendar predicted the world was to end, turned into the beginning of love and music between Karmen Kimball (vocals, keys) and Alex Lasner (guitar, keys), as the Bay Area synthpop duo, became Maybe The Moon. The electro-duo recently released their latest single “Washout,” which drips with 80s post-romance vibrations within every stroke of their keys. The track’s lyrics possess a quaint darkness of honesty and poetic structure that fits the instrumentation perfectly, and is delivered with beauty by Kimball’s soft vocals. Maybe The Moon and their single “Washout” offer a catchy indie-electro pop tune to bathe under the moonlight, and holds high anticipation for future singles.

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