New Music: Kolourz ‘Friends’ Ft. Nori

Atlanta-based producer, Kolourz, teams up with Los Angeles vocalist Nori, on a smooth ride to reality, with their electronic track, “Friends.” The 7 minute collaboration is effortless chemistry between Kolourz’s audible mental approach, and Nori’s innocent, whimsical vocals, that are beautifully reassuring. The song dips into many sections, and builds by the 5th minute when Nori still asks about the elephant in the room, “are we still, gonna be friends?” The mood transitions from the “chill,” platform and rises uptempo with a “futuristic garage” momentum, attributed to the EDM sound. As the song progresses, Nori’s vocals fade in and out, in correlation to the instrumentation, and reflects the many swirling thoughts questioning the end of a friendship; of a love.”Friends” builds on a minimalist approach, and succeeds in telling the story with well-thought out transitions. Kolourz’s creative mind, soul, and tasteful ear, possesses the ability to relay the vast amount of emotion, through audio waves and simplicity.


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1 comment on “New Music: Kolourz ‘Friends’ Ft. Nori

  1. this song could have fit well on the 2012 The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends great atmosphere!


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