The Cranberries ‘Dreams’ Cover by Dabble

Courtesy of Dabble via Facebook
Courtesy of Dabble via Facebook

Dabble. The Southern California quintet of dreamy psych goodness never ceases to amaze, especially on their latest cover of The Cranberries’  1993 single, “Dreams.” Staying within the realms of the classic track, while also implementing their own sound, the cover showcases a different set of vocals, provided by bassist Danielle Evans, whom effortlessly croons and lulls the listener into a euphoric state of mind, that does Dolores O’Riordan justice.

What makes this cover so enjoyable would be the balance that Dabble displays. While covers are just that, covers, some can destroy a classic, or not offer anything special to differentiate the two. Dabble showcases their hazy sound throughout the track, especially towards the end on keyboards, and with low male harmonizing that supports Evans vocals, and guides the prominent drumming. By crafting their own sound into a beloved classic is a true art of mastering one’s craft as an artist, and Dabble is beyond their measure in years with this skill.


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