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Fresh Instrumental Hip-Hop: Seneca B ‘Friends’ EP Review

Courtesy of IMP
Courtesy of IMP


Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Seneca B, or better known as Celin Carlo-Gonzalez, resuscitated instrumental hip-hop through mind and feeling, curated by her clean production skills. Only 19, Seneca B’s sampling, production values, and ear to the soul, reflects her current life within the 15 tracks. Friends becomes more than a “talented ear” of music layered together, it is a true piece of old-school hip-hop guaranteed to make you fall in love again with life. Opening up the EP is this “loving life attitude” with the track, “Get Down,” that transitions smoothly into the track “Rivers,”  which gives you a taste of nostalgic hip-hop.

Then life starts to emerge from the EP as one begins to progress down the music stream with tracks such as “Ko.Cane,” “Struggles,” and “Gentle Threats.” The beauty of the EP is Seneca B’s flawless ability to capture life, and to capture the story she wishes to tell on Friends. Every track couldn’t be more honest and fits into the next track seamlessly. From the partying, to the struggles, ending Friends is poetic genius within the last two tracks, “Lies,” and “Dreams.” There isn’t enough adjectives to describe the beauty within Seneca B’s craft, and should become the soundtrack to every restless soul chasing a dream.


2 comments on “Fresh Instrumental Hip-Hop: Seneca B ‘Friends’ EP Review

  1. TheAdrianSilva

    This Girl is Dope!

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