End Of The Week Singles: The Gloomies, Youth Warrant, Mateo Katsu, and Babe Parade

This week has been filled with great new tunes debuted by artists and here are a few favorites that weren’t featured yet till today, primarily from Southern California. Take a listen, share, and enjoy.

  • The Gloomies “LSD“- So. Cal surf pop in a daze sums up LSD, brought to you by Andrew Craig, Blake Martz, Chris Trombley, and Grant Martz, AKA, The Gloomies. Their name does not live up to their bright outlook in sound and 60s mix of haze that swarmed listener’s this year.  “LSD”/”Groves” will be out Oct 16th via Thrill Me Records, the same guys who brought you Guards and Mrs. Magician.


  • Youth Warrant “Shake“- San Diego’s indie-pop trio, Youth Warrant, release their latest single, “Shake.” Brian Stewart (lead vocals, guitar, synth), Alex Grant (bass, BG vocals, keys, percussion), and Matt Aukerman (guitar, BG vocals, keys) centralize around a memorable pop foundation provided by light and airy keys, for a feel good song from start to finish. Stay tuned for their EP release!


  • Mateo Katsu “Don’t Forget” – Pointing the obvious out with a sarcastic tone can sum up the narrative by Los Angeles local, Mateo Katsu, but surprisingly not his latest single. “Don’t forget” is a literal reminder to “not forget,” with a catchy chorus, low bedroom vocals missed from college alternative from the 90s, all wrapped up with guitars, steady drums, and simplicity.
  • Babe Parade “Stutter“- Los Angeles local(s), Babe Parade recently released their EP Lush, and have caught our ears’ heart with its relaxing and dreamy invitation with off-key, and shaky vocals that add a unique flavor to the coast-driven track. In love with the melody, and below is a personal favorite from the EP.


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