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Lewis Bootle ‘Friction in the Funds’ Debut EP Review

Friction in the funds E.P

Lewis Bootle has mastered his sound and made an impact based on simplicity and his gift of words on his EP released today, Friction in the Funds. Following his success with “Do What I Need to Do,” the bar was high for the Hertfordshire artist, and as expected the debut EP does not disappoint. The 6 track album focuses on Bootle’s spoken word, acoustic guitar plucks, blues, and the continuing quest for something more, derived from the self-reflective story line that is Bootle’s magic.

Of course, “Do What I Need to Do,” would open the EP, but of the newer tracks fresh to the ear, “Just Living,” becomes a threat to the previous track’s allure, and is one to praise Bootle’s  storytelling, lyricism, and natural flow that feeds on his previous thought faster than you can absorb. Guitars mirror Bootles’ emotional peak, as the young artist throws the listener into a verbal reality check between “living,” and “just living,” that hits logic and emotion. Continuing the theme felt in  Friction in the Funds, Bootle captures a similar state of mind with the track, “James Taylor,” that trickles from Bootle recalling how he felt when he heard Taylor and the snowball effect of thoughts mimicking Bootle’s racing mind. This is a slower track with a hint of blues that compliments Bootle’s voice that will be refreshing for listeners.

Different aspects of Bootle shown within the EP with tracks such as “Earthlings,” a bouncy, uptempo track, and “Be One;” both lighter tracks that balance well with rhythm and reassuring lyrics.  Bootle sticks to his storytelling and poetic words and truly shines a light on thoughts during a young adult. Wrapping up the EP with the bonus track, “Yellow Brick Road” is another track that is sure to become an instant favorite, which musically offers more, pushes Bootle out of his comfort zone and into his own sound. The EP is better than expected and embodies Bootle’s brilliant thought process and a mature sound that reflects Bootle’s honest moment in time that will touch his listeners.


‘Friction in the Funds’ is out now on iTunes

Interview with Bootle / Soundcloud/ Facebook / Twitter

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