Baron & Byrne ‘For Weezy, Alaskan Ice’

Baron & Byrne capture the love of vocal harmonizing against a folk guitar with his music, especially on the EP, For Weezy, Alaskan Ice. The London-based artist offers simplicity and peace of mind heard on the seven minute track, “Cinnamon Sticks.” While this track is consistent from start to finish, an instant addictive song  that captures hearts, would be “Green Willow.” Similar guitar rhythms and strokes are heard on both tracks,  which builds the foundation for Baron & Byrne’s layering of vocals that intensify the emotional pull. These are two songs that can be appreciated together rather than separately, whereas the track “Charlie Boy You’re on My Mind,” strays away from the artist’s familiar plucking and revolves around an old 60s psychedelic song acoustically. New music are in the works for Baron & Byrne which have not yet been disclosed.

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