Bedroom Rock: Sutter Zachman ‘Roll With It’ Music Video


If you want to relive the moments of your best love in a montage of clips placed together like a home movie from the 90s, then Sutter Zachman’s music video for “Roll With It” will be the best thing you’ve watched all day. Described as a cross between Tom Petty and Mac Demarco, Zachman’s innocent melodies contains sentiments to melt the indiest of hearts, and becomes an instant classic. The track is off of his second EP, Fireworks! and lives up to his earlier retro track “Back to Sleep.”

The music video, directed and edited by Gordon Yould, entails sweet love from the perspective of Zachman, admiring certain moments with his platinum blonde love strolling through Los Angeles. Backed by carefree shots, honest lyrics, and a sense of true admiration in vocals, it’s hard to not hum along with Zachman as he sings, “I want you to roll with it” against keys similar to an intro of an 80s workout movie. The natural shots captured in the video truly act as candid memories and couldn’t have been executed more ideally with the track. Pop in the VHS and relive simplicity.

SoundCloud / Fireworks! on BandCamp

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