Electronic Delight: Kopps ‘The Sound Of Music’

Courtesy of Kopps

If you haven’t heard of Kopps, stop everything that you’re doing and prepare to enter a better state of mind. Patricia Patrón, Kyle O, Andrew D. York, and Travis Johansen, hail from Rochester, NY and introduce us to pop as it should be- fun, electronic, and melodically addicting. The dance band may strike a familiar chord being a feature on Joywave’s track, “Tongues,” in addition of having Daniel Armbruster produce their EP, The Sound Of Music, which doesn’t fail the production value with the 4 track EP.

Their latest single “Dollas for Dimes,” is dripping with yummy synth goodness, and a catchy futuristic chorus that melts background noise, similar to their one worded anthem, “Dumb.” If you yearn for something a little stronger than catchy words, “Thermometer” would be the track that appeals for a variety of reasons. Patrón’s vocals, carried by loud, punchy drumming, is refreshing to the dance style structure and won’t make you overkill your dancing shoes.


Catch Kopps on tour with Joywave

joywave tour

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