Discover Mik Current: Venezuelan Rock Meet Los Angeles

Courtesy of Mik Current Via Facebook
Courtesy of Mik Current Via Facebook

Michelangelo Corrente, or as he is known under the pseudonym of Mik Current, fuses his Latin Roots from Venezuela, with his love for American Music, into a category thrown into the missed sound of Latin Rock Revival in Los Angeles. What started as a simple project and an idea this year in the City Of Angeles, Mik Current has grown into a larger sound, centering around Latin Rhythms and his power vocals. Mik Current’s latest single, “Ur Fav One,” touches on a simple yearn to be wanted by someone. In addition to the urn, intensity raises on the track as the Venezuelan rock emerges from Mik Current’s unique, and raspy voice, backed by upbeat percussion.

The track that makes Mik Current rise about water would be, “Lies.” This song begins by setting the scene showcasing another side to Mik Current’s vocal ability, then raises the tempo as the body begins to groove alongside his seductive and scratchy voice that is complemented by his own flair.  What sets this song apart that truly showcases what this artist is about, would be the declarative emotional plea that resonates on the track.  The break encompasses Mik Current’s influences from salsa, and merengue, with standout percussion pieces, that are insanely catchy. This is just a sample of what Mik Current has to offer, and raises curiosity and expectations for new music yet to be released.

2 comments on “Discover Mik Current: Venezuelan Rock Meet Los Angeles

  1. Yeah man, that percussion totally stands out and steals the show on the musical side.


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