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Dark Folk Rock: Edith Crash ‘Partir’ Album Review

Courtesy of Edith Crash
Courtesy of Edith Crash

Intriguing anger isn’t the right word, but it’s the first one that comes to mind. Edith Crash is a one woman band who relocated from Perpignan, France to Los Angeles and proudly released her latest album, Partir. The 8-track compilation is in French, but the emotional angst which Crash sings in, needs no translation in relation.

Throughout the album, Crash paints honest images with emotional melodies to transport the listener in a moment of time. Raw simplicity bounces from track to track, and you get a deeper connection from the start. Crash questions faith with her sharp tongue, and angry vocals on the track, “Perdu La Foi (Lost Faith).” The questioning is felt in her voice against a scratchy guitar, and still holds a western feel that justifies her “dark folk” labeling. Despite this anger, other darker songs such as “Comme Une Flamme (The Flame),”  acts as a simple expression of a shred of hope left, “Non je n’ai pas fini de croire / Non je n’ai pas fini de rêver (No, I ‘m not done believing / No, I’m not through dreaming).”

Strength is a theme that resonates throughout Partir, and comes to life with the self-titled track. “Partir” is one of the stronger songs that balances Crash’s intensity of emotions, and trumps her own power by controlling her feelings. On the other side of the spectrum is “Octobre (October),” which is somber, honest, and gentle. Crash displays love with a haunting sound that seems to come from a hidden place, and isn’t as easy to showcase as anger. “Octobre” translates Crash’s feeling and time derived from the track’s origin and makes a listener tread slowly behind her vocals, which is again heard on “Quand Le Jour Viendra ( When the day will come), ” and the instrumental track to close the album, “F8643.”

Human isn’t the right word, but it’s what comes to mind.


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