Royce Wood Junior: Honeydripper (RWJ’s Alt Mix)

Courtesy of RWF via Facebook
Courtesy of RWF via Facebook


London’s Royce Wood Junior just set the bar high for those dabbling to produce sexy funk jams, with his single which is also the name of his new EP, Honeydripper, out November 6th. The whole EP consists of 4 tracks of Honeydripper remixed, which may seem odd, but guaranteed to leave you in awe as this first version will leave you. RWJ’s version is a fusion of funky soul, vocals that tantalize, and mixing that will seduce the strongest of listeners. Cannot get enough of RWJ’s mix, and Honeydripper is truly and piece of work that is dripping with more than just honey.




The EP full track listing below: 
Honeydripper (RWJ’s alt mix)
Honeydripper (IAMBENJI remix)
Honeydripper (Alfa Mist remix)
Honeydriper (acoustic)

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