New Sounds: Yellow Creatures ‘Calendar Man’

Courtesy of Yellow Creatures Via Facebook
Courtesy of Yellow Creatures Via Facebook

The men of Yellow Creatures -Marc Bird (guitar, vocals),  Paul Gardner (keyboards),  Martin Jacobs (drums), and  Joe Barton (bass)- release their latest single, “Calendar Man,” and B-Side, “The Box,” and don’t disappoint fans who anticipated new music from the Newcastle Upon-Tyne alternative band.

“Calendar Man,” a new-wave and psych track that holds similar traits that will appeal to fans of Thee Oh Sees, and carries a very modern and almost futuristic sound at times. Bird’s vocals fill in any cracks of the track and relive the new-sound when paired with synths. This is a track that entices many people of different genre tastes, as the track is well-rounded and pleases with its pop roots.

Yellow Creatures’ B-side, “The Box,” continues with this futuristic and new-wave sound, with a slight heavier “punch.” Cowbell, and distortion, adds to the confusion of  what is in the box, since nothing lays, and the mixture of worldly samples, pushes the band’s interest towards a new direction.

Compared to previous tracks, such as “Spinning Orange Catherine Peel,” the new sounds do range higher in the pop realm, yet don’t stray away from their  original sound, and the band’s ability to reach out and look for a different approach when manipulating sounds is refreshing. The futuristic approach may not have been seen by fans, yet isn’t that far off when truly soaking up the band’s earlier work. Lyrics still boggle the brain, and the music still swims in the ears, which deserves praise for Yellow Creatures and future releases.

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