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Idgy Dean: One Woman. DIY Beats. ‘OMINOUS HARMINUS’ Album Review

Lindsay Sanwald transforms into a free version of a being in the form of Idgy Dean. Coming from Brooklyn, New York, Idgy Dean’s latest album OMINOUS HARMINUS is an 8 track vivid journey of sounds. The Psychedelic-pop woman credits and dedicates her tracks to “all the people who couldn’t stay,” bringing attention to the memory of her late father. With such a heavy dedication, and inspiration, the creativity and true emotion of Dean shines on this album, and notably in the experimental sounds.

Overture” begins with a voicemail to Sanwald, from an officer in regards to her father. The drumming begins, and the true meaning of “overture” begins as a proper introduction to the substance of a memory in a grand introductory piece of harmonics for the 9 minute track. Dean’s vocals are light and breezy, and fill in the cracks between drums and layering effects. The tone is a dream, and addictive to say the least. Hidden between the exterior of strength, represented by sounds, lies lyrics that pinch the heart: “By the time I found my father he’d already gone away / Caught him swimmin’ in a vision, now he’s coursin’ through my veins.”  

OMINOUS HARMINUS’ deceitful sounds are known by this track, and continue with the dreamy psych sounds with the next lovable track,  “Inauguration,” that seems to fall into a messy love triangle. Picking up on a continued story comes “Pantheon Punk,” which begins with 80s momentum and vibes, which is still intertwined with Dean’s indie and experimental sound. Dean’s vocals stand out on this track in particular, ranging from different types of emotions heard in her tone. And that bass? Compliments her voice perfectly.

Still experimenting, comes the Spanish track, “Hopskotch,” which acts more as a leverage into the next song, or a harmonic bliss divider. While, “The Indian Squirrel Dance,” offers unique substance, and isn’t as ambient as the previous tracks. Layered tribal sections bring rhythm to a full, and questions to be asked or hidden, in the lyrics. A rougher song, with low and aggravated tempo is “Thin Kings.” This track explodes with riot grrrl angst, softening the blow with Dean’s vocals; definitely another standout track.

“Ominous Harminus,” resurfaces earlier pain of “Overture,” within lyrics and harmonies. The tempo crawls under your skin and acts as a reassurance track for Dean, “My God, how’m I gonna handle it?! / Am I allowed to have a nervous breakdown?,” pounding questions following the beat of the drums. Ending the album as it began, with a distressed voicemail, “(Deniska),” is Sandwald’s mother, informing her of Derek Jeter’s last game with the Yankees. Another form of audio that must be replayed to make out what exactly is going on.

Couldn’t praise this album enough, from melodies to the lyrics, Idgy Dean stands out with this album. To be in Idgy Dean’s mind is the equivalent of being in love, and being under the spell of drugs; not sure what is going on, not sure what will go on, but the current feeling is indescribable.


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