Bitter’s Kiss ‘The Rope’ (Radio Mix) Music Video

At the age of 15, Chloe Baker of New Jersey, is able to produce, what she describes as honest, and melancholy music. Baker’s musical sound revolves around her self-expressive, and unique mindset that brings hope to the listeners, while also showcasing reality, in the form known as Bitter’s Kiss. Underneath the surface, the project is a collaboration between young Baker, and her father, Michael Baker, whose musical upbringing and experience, helped his daughter release her voice.

On the track, “The Rope,” from her self-titled album, three minutes aren’t enough to appreciate the truthful picture Baker paints, with her low, and tiring angelic voice. Drawn from a personal story of a cousin of Baker, who committed suicide and came from a religious upbringing, Baker clearly shows the irony and her own feelings within the lyrics: “There’s a quicker way to heaven / if you can find yourself a rope.”


The music video for “The Rope,” directed by Ronald Riqueros, follows outer images and who we are on the inside, eloquently led by Baker’s tone, and stern eyes focused on the camera. The constant camera direction keeps you peaked at key items, such as facial expressions, to a cross hanging in the mirror, not reciprocating the same image. Baker’s views and ability to effortlessly express herself is a beautiful sound to admire, and only holds higher expectations for the future.

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