Jazz-Fused World Music: Kiravell ‘Yello Hazy’

Courtesy of Kiravell Via Facebook
Courtesy of Kiravell Via Facebook

With roots in Detroit, jazz inspired and spiritual artist, Kiravell, unveils unique sounds from her latest album, Vaudevellia! Now residing in San Diego, the eccentric singer, emits a therapeutic vibe with her latest single, “Yello Hazy.”  Kiravell sings with confidence on this track in partnership with the easy-going melody, which allows the track to live up to its title.  It’s refreshing to hear elements and qualities that Kiravell brings to the table, and an overall fresher sound that showcases her natural light. Listening to Kiravell’s vocals, piano, and organic strings throughout the song, can only be described as perfect harmony.

Listen below and check out Vaudevellia! as well.


Kiravell / Facebook / Twitter

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