Discover ‘Try Harder’: Xuan Rong- Dark Electronic From New York

Courtesy of Xuan Rong via Facebook
Courtesy of Xuan Rong via Facebook

New York based artist, Xuan Rong, catches our attention on deeper levels than just an audible wave, with her latest single, “Try Harder,” which will be featured on a sophmore EP by 2016. While Rong’s previous self-released debut EP Myria, showcased her electronic and experimental platform in the music world, and did create a series of intangible sounds, “Try Harder” redefines her expression and dives deeper into a beautiful self-reflection of the artist.

The six-minute track is dripping with dark love at the end of each wire that was used to produce the track, and Rong’s vocals are stern yet wounded at the same time, as the track progresses. With some experimental music, there is always a problem that the listener may get lost in the background sounds, where Rong’s critical ear, blends each layer in way that doesn’t disturb the overall delivery. Based on Rong’s current knowledge in the computer coding world, and earlier influence of classical music, it’s obvious to hear her intelligence seep through her music. These are more than random noise waves that are coincidentally bumping into each other, these are well thought out, atmospheric and electronic sounds that creep in your mind first and later resonate in your ears.



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