New Single From Inspired & The Sleep ‘In My Labyrinth Mind’

Courtesy of Timber PR
Courtesy of Timber PR

San Diego, Indie outfit, Inspired & The Sleep, return with their latest single, “In My Labyrinth Mind,” off their forthcoming EP Eyelid Kid, set to be released this October. Max Greenhalgh and Bryce Outcault deliver familiar dream-pop melodies, and whimsical vocals in a dark light on their latest track, and of course, do not disappoint listeners.

The beginning of the track starts with a stronger foundation built on drums, and a bass that grips tight as the song takes a psychedelic-pop route, courtesy of a simple, and controlled “wah” effect on guitar.  Mimicking a cluttered and complicated mind, the track’s construction is surprisingly easy to follow along, while still maintaining certain layers which stick to the theme of the song. Inspired & The Sleep have a magic tone when releasing singles, that are simple, yet complicated enough to entice a listener for more.


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