Discover: Porcelain Pale ‘Owls’

Courtesy of Porcelain Pale Via Facebook
Courtesy of Porcelain Pale Via Facebook


Porcelain Pale, three-piece, synth-based band from Los Angeles, showcase their latest single, “Owls,” off their forthcoming EP, set to be released this fall through AndFam Collective. The track’s role goes into more than a single, but as a reintroduction of sounds, this being their first release in almost two years. Andy Rayner (vocals, keys), Adrian Arroyo (vocals, keys), and Roger Lopez (pads and percussion), revive their craft, and create a funky state of dream-pop that is the soundtrack of cruising through the cosmos.

The weight between dreaminess and structure heard on “Owls” is constructed with care, including support from great bass lines, and possibly one of the most catchiest synth riff. Ultimately, the overall sound sets a definite mood, similar to a calming thought heard through the cracks of a mind. Structurally composed with the right amount of funk heard on guitar, and percussion, to anchor the airy synths and dreamy vocals from getting lost.

Porcelain Pale should be a band on your radar for the near future, and you can catch them at Homie Fest, September 5th, alongside other great bands, in Baldwin Park.


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