The Unnecessary List of Artists That Should Be Heard: Kusanagi, Chelsea Wolfe, Magic Castles and More

  • Kusanagi “Space Blood- Animal House 4_Animal Rights Pay Day” – Instant love. Liverpool gents deliver instrumental music at it’s finest. Definitely an artist to check out.


  • Magic Castles “Death Dreams” –  Dreamy, psych revival band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. From an older album in 2012, “Death Dreams” were one of the artists that didn’t get much recognition from their last album and perfectly fit in the current music scene.


  • Chelsea Wolfe “Color of Blood“-  Hauntingly beautiful melody and vocals that lull you down an electronic, fuzzy dream


  • Fireworks “Oh, Common Life” – New York band that has some great tracks, and unfortunately they are going on a small “break” and hopefully will return soon. This song pretty much sums up the feeling of them leaving.


  • In Writing “A Letter To…” – I secretly wanted emo to revive itself, and “In Writing” makes my emo heart happy. From All Sounds Records, which has more alternative bands from the east coast, this track is as “twinkly emo” as you can get…and I love it.


  • Candelaria Varela ” What Cleopatra Said” – 20 year old Candelaria, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and her older EP from February, is coming back in circulation. A lo-fi, catchy indie-pop track, that is sweet enough to make you feel young again; perfect for the end of summer. I could see this as a Burger Records release in the future.


  • Babe Alert “Oh Well” –  Duo from Encinitas, California that bring more lo-fi beach music to listen to while “driving down the coast.” The whole EP has the same vibe, but fits the beach perfectly, or those end of summer days.

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