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Discover: Nacho Coto ‘El Rio’ Debut EP Track by Track Review

Courtesy of Nacho Coto Via Facebook
Courtesy of Nacho Coto Via Facebook

There’s something organically beautiful about the entirety of Nacho Coto’s debut EP, El Rio. Ignacio Coto Centeno, or as he is referred to in the music world, Nacho Coto, delivers something I cannot truly explain. It could’ve been a struck of beautiful luck, as I was looking for something to hit me effortlessly; something new, authentic, with a slight angst in emotional tone, paired with poetic words. That’s when I heard the first track, “Piedras.” An alternative-rock song that builds towards the end, as memories are recollected through stones: “Tu piel se diluia / en las piedras de la noche ( Your skin is diluted / on the stones of the night). Emotions change by the track, “Papel,” which showcases a darker tone. This song builds towards an intense guitar solo which shows intensity of how much “eyes burn like paper.”

Coto and his hometown, San José, Costa Rica, obviously played an influential role for the EP, noting the cover, alongside inspiration that stirred up reflectively throughout the lyrics. This is where the beauty came from. This part of Coto’s life that he allowed the world to hear and feel. Regardless if you understand the language of Spanish, the articulation, and tone of Coto’s voice will give inclinations of the surroundings, as the music perfectly represents the message, such as with the track, “El Rio“- a slower song, with dreamy riffs that mimics floating down the river within oneself, right till the end of a cliff.

Hard to pinpoint a favorite, yet my heart stopped with the track, “Escéptico (skeptical).” Not only does it start with an incredibly catchy riff,  Coto’s vocals are bittersweet. Reaching towards the end, “Mineral” is such a perfect example of rock alternativo, as this track picks up the tempo quite a bit, and “Cielos” closes the EP. Coto expresses a lot of his inner thought, and doubts with “uncertain skies,” and builds, like every song on the EP, into a declarative chorus. Each song is crafted perfectly with a raw sense, where you can tell that Coto put all of himself on every track.


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