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Daena Jay ‘Songs For Kissing’ EP Review

Courtesy of Daena Jay via BandCamp
Courtesy of Daena Jay via BandCamp

The properly titled EP, Songs For Kissing, was released July 31st, 2015 and is the latest project for the young writer, Daena Jay. Originally born in South Africa, the Emmy-nominated artist made her debut in 2010, with the EP When the Bough Breaks and Subdivision released in 2014.

Songs for Kissing is comprised of 6 ever so relatable songs, each track depicting the many faces of love. The first track ‘Stay Forever‘ is soft and soothing with lyrics like “Star light lingers, let’s stay forever, it won’t matter if time is passing by….” Sung in that elegant soulful voice which makes the song that much more captivating, it is highlighted by a slight upbeat tempo; this song paints your first love and that exact feeling perfectly. Raw emotion is poured out for the EP’s second track “The Grey,” exploring the darker side of love. The song describes a lover who cannot stay away from someone she knows is only using her “I know you’ve been visiting my bed, but I pretend it’s only in my head / So I don’t feel used by you.” Jay often refers to the lover as “the grey,” while holding a tone that is melancholic, real, pained and beautiful.


I admire the realistic nature of Jay’s songs, the entire EP captured so many emotions one person may experience in a lifetime, while her lyrics are based on, what I assume, true events. There was no hiding Jay’s sorrow, her addiction, or her admiration. All 6 tracks are wonderfully written, composed and sung.  Please keep sharing Daena Jay.



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