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Discover: The Dorian Sea ‘Haze EP’ Review

Courtesy of The Dorian Sea via Facebook
Courtesy of The Dorian Sea via Facebook

Familiar like an old song, but too new to draw comparisons, The Dorian Sea- Cameron Doran (vocals, guitar, keys), Dale Stomberg (bass), and Gen Inomata (drums) – are a magical fusion of well thought out placed layers, catchy indie-rock melodies, and a soothing balance of an acoustic folk song without a twang, followed by a dream pop sound.  The trio hails from Tokyo, Japan, and released their EP, Haze, yesterday, as the five track EP provides various sounds to prove the band’s capability, while trying to showcase an element that defines their sound.

The first track of the EP, “Lion Zebra,” starts dramatically as keys begin to fade in, and with a slight change in the layering alongside addition of drums, the song’s atmosphere resembles an old song from the 80s, noting the keys and deep, yet soft vocals executed by Doran. “Oceanside,” would be the sweet, heart clincher on the album, lyrically, felt in the tone during the chorus. It becomes softly sensual, and interesting parts of this track appear during the break, as the pace of the song becomes slower to mimic the lyrics.  The Dorian Sea seems to capture feeling perfectly musically, and for the visually inclined. “Indian Summer,” is a perfect track that would be the literal audible definition of this season, whereas the tempo and vocals are perfectly synced.  As the EP progresses, the beauty of the keys shine alongside lyrics, heard on the track, “Haze:” “Press you up against my chest / In a desperate attempt / Words move slow / But your heart, it beats so fast.

The last track to wrap up the EP is “Mercy.” While each previous track has bits and pieces about the band that could be praised, it all comes together on this last track. The indie-folk, and western feel is apparent from start, and cascades beautifully into their own sound, with highs and lows, aggressive peaks, and soft lulls of their dream-pop core. The different changes in this track, along with the polished mastering, is their definition of sound.



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