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Atlantic Records UK: William Joseph Cook ‘Hearse’ Single Debut

Courtesy of Will Joseph Cook Via Facebook

Courtesy of Will Joseph Cook Via Facebook

Will Joseph Cook has established a name for himself with his debut EP, You Jump I Run, and the 18 year-old Englishman hailing from Kent, returns with “Hearse” from his sophomore EP, Proof Enough, off of Atlantic Records. The four track EP was recorded earlier this year from London, in between Cook’s schedule of school, and primarily worked on the weekends.

Cook establishes a natural way of writing and singing that crosses into easy listening and a hint of pop-blues, heard throughout the EP, along with a range of well-written material that holds heavy weight of an older person.  Proof Enough‘s tone is well balanced with pop and emotionally stronger tracks that include “Hearse,” and “Proof Enough,” which is a lovely way to end the EP, while “Hearse,” is begging to be thrown into rotation of a ‘Top 40’ pop list, containing all viable elements to survive- catchy hook, easy going melody, distinct and smooth vocals, and a frontman with a guitar.


Proof Enough Tracklist: Hearse, A Minute of Your Time, Beach and Proof



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