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70s Rock Resurfaced: Road of Kicks ‘One Too Free For Fighting’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Road of Kicks via Facebook

Courtesy of Road of Kicks via Facebook

Road of Kicks brings timeless rock to our ears, with their single, “One Too Free For Fighting,” from their EP, Seventh Rooster. Originally from Italy, and now residing in Brisbane, the foursome resurfaces musical qualities, and heavy roots from the “Rock Gods” of the 70s, big hair, and a bit of modern southern roots compared to the likes of the earlier days of King of Leon.

Gritty guitar riffs, layered on top of each other, with punchy drums that echo in your ear, all lead with a distinctive voice, lead “One Too Free For Fighting” on a consistent high note, and a refreshing take on ol’ fashion rock that is simply missed these days. Visually, combine these whirlwind of sounds, bell bottomed jeans, and unruly hair, and you get the music video; a montage of the band’s simplicity. Shots of live performances, vintage stills, and memorable pieces in time, the video is on an industrial ride, showcasing politics, the down-to-earth side of the band, and the energy derived from this sound. With well-placed pauses, a cowbell that leaves your heart waiting for the next beat, and vocals that crawl under your skin, “One Too Free For Fighting,” is rock, pure cut.



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