Rosey Bengal ‘Virgina’

Courtesy of Rosey Bengal   via Facebook
Courtesy of Rosey Bengal via Facebook

Oh, Virgina, can you let him love you already? Rosey Bengal, a five piece alternative band originally from New Jersey, residing in Brooklyn, New York, released their single “Virgina” off their latest self-titled album, from All Sounds records. The boys of Rosey Bengal – Evan (guitar, vocals), Jim (guitar, lap steel, vocals), Adam (bass), Branden (drums), and Mike (piano, organ) – deliver something incredibly special with their single. that can only be pulled off with honesty.

The easy going structure of the song combines alternative, and an old country, Americana flare from the 70s, followed by effortless vocals that absorb the listener down the story and into the ear pleasing melody. This overall combination achieves softness, and an unworried disposition, while the lyrics hold a heavy conscious thought of a man, “Well I’ve never been one for sympathy / unless I’m drunk and it’s a quarter to four / and I’ve never been much for empathy / till you’re writing my name on your door,”  starts the song, and the conversation between a man, and possibly himself, who is in love with Virgina.

As the song progresses, the story becomes clear that Virgina is starting a life with someone new, and suppressed, unexplained feelings are exposed: “at the wedding I felt a thousand things / but love never crossed my mind / and I’ll never understand how you could want another man / while I’m still here waiting in line.

Vocals become tighter towards the end,  which resolves into the dreamy instrumentation. References of water, whether it to set the scene, emerge multiple times and note back to the man’s initial feeling; going with the flow, even if the tide goes off a cliff.



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