UK Indie-Pop Band: Screaming Peaches ‘Sad Kid’

Formerly known as the band MOVIE, Theo Spark, Jamie Stiby Harris, Ollie Tobin, and Coz Kerrigan, grew from a three-piece to a four piece band, and emerged from “hibernation” as Screaming Peaches, with their new single, “Sad Kids” from their forthcoming EP, Rough Music, out September 18.

Addictive riffs, a catchy chanted chorus, synths in the right place, with a little bit of attitude, compose the skeleton of “Sad Kids.” Heavily pop based, the track doesn’t contain a low moment throughout its course, and implement those quirks of being “rougher around the edges,” vocally, towards the end of the song, wrap up the indie-pop’s outfit track.

Spark states, “The song lyrics are an attempt to console myself and make myself feel better/laugh and a gentle reminder never to take anything too seriously,” and follows, “I was also listening to lots of Michael Jackson so wanted to do a PYT chanted chorus, hence S.A.D K.I.Ds in our chorus (Whiteboard PR).” Something to keep in mind the second time around listening to the track, check it out below!


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