Valley Shine ‘Sugar Dream’ Single Review

Courtesy of Valley Shine Via Facebook
Courtesy of Valley Shine Via Facebook

I loved everything about you from the start.” If that doesn’t melt your heart, then you haven’t listened to Valley Shine’s latest single, “Sugar Dream,” in its entirety. Based out of Los Angeles, Valley Shine is a 6 piece folk-pop band- Jenna Blake (vocals, keys, guitars), Sam Sobelman (vocals, guitar, banjo), Troy Lawton (drums), Danny Severance (violin), Myke Wilken (guitar, banjo), and Stewart James (bass)-  that adds the sweetest pleasures to life’s simplicities.

What started due to a picture of a cat on Instagram, as Blake was scrolling through and found an adorable Bengal, whom Sobelman was the owner, became more than a mutual love of cats, but of music, and grew to become Valley Shine. Having this in mind, the chemistry between the two, and easygoing demeanor, is especially felt on the light-hearted, and catchy sing along track, “Sugar Dream.”



Through the day-to-day motions, taking a break with this track is refreshing to say the least, as ice-cream, flying kittens, or a basket full of puppies, playing a banjo on a sunny day, come into mind between the duo’s harmonizing. What stands out, besides the instant hook, are the keys and subtle plucking of the banjo. This offset is barely audible at times, but balances out the song from going “too sweet,” though with a line like, “doesn’t matter what you do  / I’ll  still be in love with you / you will always be my sugar dream,” it’s impossible to not smile all day.


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  1. This song might be my new guilty pleasure.

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