WOMYNHOOD: Womyns’ Empowerment Art and Music Show – The dA Center for the Arts

Today, in the lovely diverse culture of Pomona, the dA Center for the Arts, a non-profit gallery located in the Pomona Arts Colony, in collaboration with Boy Tears Club, will be hosting WOMYNHOOD: Womyns’ Empowerment Art and Music Show. Celebrating personal and collective growth, for the generation of womyn, through the discovery of the arts, from musicians, to visual artists, that will be on display tonight. One of the featured artists’ for the event, Denisse Martinez, described the purpose of the event as a way to “give a platform for female identified creatives within the (our) local diy community.”

All musicians, vendors, artists, and other contributors involved are all female identified and welcomes all to the event. In addition, the event will also be hosting friendly vegetarian/vegan friendly snacks and refreshments at no additional cost, and with only a suggested donation of $4.00.



  • Venus and The Traps –   Punk, lo-fi garage sounds, with a surf accent from Indio, CA. Song below is something that can be related to all, partying too hard in the night and going to work the next day.


  • Deadpanzies-  Feminist sounds from Oakland to Los Angeles.


  • Bad Bikini – Moody-pop to listen to when menstruating, from Los Angeles. Recorded by Chris Magallon from Pocket Rockets.


  • VAJJ – All girl garage rock band from Orange County, that embodies the sweeter side of the girl sounds, leaning towards the burger-esqe route; Ryan Frailich and Melissa Brooks, of The Aquadolls, recorded their latest track, released last month.


  • Beach Bums- Surf-psych coming from Covina, and fits into the current music scene; pretty catchy and not that Burger-esqe sounding.


  • Feeling Feelings-  Three-piece girl band from Los Angeles making sweet, pizza-surf, with vintage flare,  music for the world to sing to when driving down a coast…or in front of a picture of water.


The dA Center for the Arts
252 S Main St, Pomona, CA 91766
All Ages
Safe Space
$4.00 Minimum Donation


Ashley Braden, Lizbeth Santana, Denisse Martine, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Cinthia Gomez, Verenice Perez, Emily Beard, Violeta Catalan, Molly Behnke, Eboni Pearl, Jessica Almaguer, Ana Cervantes, Michelle Souza, Chardey Ramirez, Alex Silva, Samone Kidane, Samantha Herrera.

Vintage Vendors:
Still ill Vintage (pretty sweet clothes)

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