Uninterrupted – Blended By Vitamin D

Seamlessly blended together, Uninterrupted (July,2015), lives up to its name- blended by Cold Busted founder, Vitamin D- fuses 50 tracks for an 80 minute mix of  diverse beats, cut and mixed effortlessly. Divided into two parts, each selection of craft  perfected by a trained ear, and when played together, there isn’t a hiccup in the smooth ride.

Personal favorites are within the first part, primarily how the mix begins and takes off into a great flow, picking up intact beat matching by the 4th minute. The funk brought in the second part, is more memorable, noting the transition in feeling by the 20th minute through the 22nd minute. These are mixes that can truly be enjoyed thoroughly, while also appreciating the wide range of sounds Cold Busted has to offer under their belt.


Originally recorded for Soundwaves Radio (a weekly program broadcasting from independent station KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles) I decided to extend the 30 minute mix to a full 80. I grew up using turntables but sold the 1200’s years ago so this mix was done on a Mac using Mixmeister. It is strange using a computer to mix tunes together but I was able to do some layering, edits, and tempo adjustments so all the tracks would work well with each other. I wanted to give the listener a Cold Busted experience showcasing the different types of genres and beats we release. Hopefully that was delivered to you. – Derrick (Vitamin D) – via Cold Busted Records


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