Inspired & The Sleep ‘Sleeps Well On Knives’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Inspired & The Sleep via Facebook
Courtesy of Inspired & The Sleep via Facebook

Inspired & The Sleep originate from Oceanside, out of San Diego County, and fall under the gentle chords of indie dream-pop with their second single, “Sleeps Well on Knives,” off their forthcoming EP, Eyelid Kid, set to be released this October. Singer and songwriter Max Greenhalgh, and multi-instrumentalist, Bryce Outcault, instantaneously create a catchy and memorable song that stands out, and beautifully showcases an addicting element seen and heard in the music video, that feeds off the chemistry between  song and direction, that truly deserve more recognition.


Courtesy of YouTube via Inspired & The Sleep


Directed by Nicholas Payne Santos, and produced by Brooklyn based production, BullMoose Pictures, “Sleeps Well on Knives” features Tyler Gardella as two different versions of himself, one chasing the other, in a classic horror film. The interpretation of anyone ‘sleeping well on a knife’ is symbolically placed in the effortless direction by Santos, and scenic shots, of chasing yourself, and accepting events that happen. What starts as a beautiful winter wonderland, pans to shots of Gardella, all dressed in white, with a few trickles of blood on his shirt, while shots of another version of himself, attempts to run away.  The last place you would look to find this scene and the consistency in colors helps the viewer engulf the sounds and delivery by Gardella, which pulls the whole video together.  Greenhalgh’s vocals adds to the deceitful beauty in the song, and once again mentioning the dynamic between the two (video and song), is natural chemistry.






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